Wedding To-Dos

So, my wedding, have I mentioned it? Little shin-dig coming up here in around 239 days, no big deal…For some reason I feel like I should be doing more, or I’m missing something or I should have more done, I don’t know why!

So, I sorted though literally 75 pages of posts on a wedding forum and came up with the following to-do/to remember lists:

Before 6/11
3 big plastic tubs- label one rehearsal, one ceremony and one reception. Label any boxes with your name when you drop them off at the reception site. Label the box with what and how many are in there.

  • BRING YOUR INVITATION SET to the wedding so your photographer can take professional pictures of them.
  • Take a “pretty” hanger for when you photograph your dress hanging up.
  • Hairspray
  • Eye lash glue
  • Steamer
  • Don’t forget toothpaste
  • Bring comfy pj’s or loungewear (for after)
  • A needle and thread in the same colour as both yours and your BM’s dresses

Rehearsal order & schedule
Make sure the DJ has the version of the song you want
Make sure all of your final payments are done before the wedding and all your gratuities are in envelops and marked
Test out the bustle before the day of (Lizi & Lydia)
Never depend on your RSVP count.
Taking the time now to write WB & family letters/cards to let them know how much their help is appreciated
Write your FH a love letter and open them the morning of the wedding before the ceremony…best thing we decided to do

Do a wrist check before pictures Lydia
Have a “time keeper”, someone who will wear a watch and have a copy of the wedding schedule and will keep you on track Lydia
Delegate someone to reign in Mom-Zilla LYDIA
If you have a camera, give it to a friend so they can take pictures that you can look at immediately after the wedding Carly
Have food & bottles of water in bridal suite for after hair appts.
Posture, posture, posture when it comes to the pics!!
Dress slowly…. make sure you have everything you need on
Make sure to tell everyone to only look at the photographer’s camera!
Have something for the guys to do before the ceremony.
Have all of your contracts on hand for the wedding, ie bring wedding binder to keep in room

Hold your flowers lower than feels natural.
Seating chart for ceremony
In program- remind guests to turn off cell phones, pagers, watches, etc!

Designate someone to do something safe with your gifts and communicate with them (Lizi & Lydia)
Go over the names of the wedding party with your DJ so that he pronounces them correctly for the entrance.
Make sure the BM and MOH know when they’re giving their speeches.
Ask your caterer to box up two meals and designate someone (bridesmaid or groomsmen) to take them to your hotel room
DPI to keep a few flower arrangements and/or centerpieces home with them to display the next morning at the brunch.
Wedding party transportation for after wedding and brunch the next morning
Stash a pair of comfy shoes in the reception hall or under your table and make sure the groom has comfy shoes
Glow necklaces at the reception!

If you are planning to go overseas or out of the country for your honeymoon, make sure to call your credit card company and your bank beforehand to let  them know

Engagement ring on at same time as wedding band? Switch after?
petal/confetti toss during recessional?

Crazy? Probably? OCD? Definitely! More to add? I’m sure! But even this little starting point made me feel better and like I have some basis to start on! Plus it was uber helpful to have this come at the recommendation of other brides!


3 responses to “Wedding To-Dos

  1. I think that you have compiled a great list! You have some points that many brides forget. I have another one for you that I tell all my brides to do:
    One Month Before – Start Wearing Wedding Day Shoes
    If you get some great new shoes and only wear them on your wedding day, ouch, you better have some ice and band aids. Start wearing them around the house to make them perfect for your wedding.

    Happy Planning!
    Jennifer Tornatta

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  3. I love your list 🙂

    The question about your engagement ring is really interesting – I’ve been told you take it off until you are married and put it back on after the ceremony.
    I like the little saying I heard (for people who keep the engagement ring on) that the engagement ring symbolises a promise and the wedding ring seals that promise.

    I also worry about who I’d trust to look after my engagement ring if I took it off!

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